Tire Technician

Position Summary

Responsible for performing skilled and specialized mechanic work in the repair, maintenance, and replacement of tires trucks and trailers. Mount and dismount tires; ensure conformance to industry standards; examine and repair tires; and perform preventative maintenance.

Education, Training &, Experience


  • 2 plus years experience
  • Vocational training

Main Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare tires for installation; mount and dismount tires on rims and vehicles; and fill tires to proper air pressure.
  • Inspect and test tires to ensure conformance to standards.
  • Examine and probe damaged, defective, or flat tires to determine the extent of damage and the feasibility of repair; and recommend the disposal of non-repairable tires.
  • Repair tubeless tires by applying patches, removing nails, installing boots, and other activities.
  • Balance wheels and tire assemblies to minimize wear on tires; and rotate wheels at prescribed mileage intervals.
  • Perform preventative maintenance checks on vehicles tire and related components.
  • Operate and maintain hand/power tools, tire balancing equipment, and other specialized automotive tools and machinery.
  • Practice safety methods in the operation of equipment and performance of duties.
  • Inventory and ensure an adequate supply of tires and related parts; and requisitions/order supplies as necessary.
  • Complete work orders to include part usage records, tire weight records, and other data./li>

To apply, please send resume or click here for an application. Mail to:

Sunrise Express, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
1420 S. Ada
Grand Island, NE 68803