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The technology of Sunrise Express can bring a high level of expertise to your business or home environment. The staff brings over thirty years of experience within the field of computers and support, and they can help you to meet your technology goals.

Our staff have worked on all types of issues, from simply troubleshooting issues we may be having, to complete network redesigns and project management. Is your company in need of IT staffing services but cannot afford to hire your own staff? We can work with you to develop a support and management plan that will meet both your needs and your budget. From an hourly rate as needed to a flat rate monthly support contract, we are able to find ways to support your network that work for you.

Our Staff

David Sayers, IT Director


With over thirty years experience working with technology, David first started working with computers during the punch card era. He has been involved with many major projects over the years, from designing and implementing a full Citrix deployment for a
mid sized bank, to designing and implementing a SAN and virtual environment solution for two different companies. He has also been involved in a number of network redesigns/implementations. David began his career as a basic bench tech, and worked his way up through network management and administration.

Kevin Brunk, IT Support Technician


Kevin brings over seven years experience to Sunrise. He began his career in the retail computer segment, helping customers to choose the right hardware for their needs and repairing equipment as needed. From there he moved into a position with a large public school district, providing hands on support to teachers and other staff members as needed, until Sunrise was lucky enough to bring him on board. Kevin has quickly moved up the ranks of responsibility and knowledge, and he has become one of our key personnel.

Cameron Creigh, IT Support Technician


Cameron came to us from the retail computer environment. He brings with him a knowledge of cell phones and workstations, and he is continuing to expand his knowledge and responsibilities. With over four years of technology related experience, he has become a valued member of our team.

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